Thursday, December 11, 2008

An evening at the Winery . . .

So yesterday was a pretty good day. We had a chance to kick back a little and have an afternoon to chill out, and get out of the old routine for a few hours. In the mail the other day, we got a newsletter from a local winery called The Winery at Wolf Creek and they are having live music on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's been a long time since we've seen someone play out, so we decided to go.

Based on this sketchbook entry, you can see it wasn't as relaxing an evening as it could have been . . . but not horrible either. The girl who was performing was very talented and had a beautiful voice. It's hard to believe how rude some people can be. The two groups of people (obviously work friends) who were being so loud seemed like they were just getting louder every time the girl would play. It is a sad commentary on society, in a way.

I've seen a real tendency in the workplace these days for a lack of discipline and work ethic (the crabby old man in me talking here). But he whole "lack of respect for anyone else, just because they want what they want" thing . . . what the hell??? Go to any mall or movie or, well pretty much any place these days and it seems far too prevalent for my liking. OK, enough social commentary for tonight, but i think we need to start a movement to wipe out this behavior by challenging it when we see it . . . but will that make me the rude one who just wants what he wants ???

Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Sketch Crawl

This month's crawl was really interesting. A visit to the Greenbrier Suite in the Teminal Tower. This suite isn't open to the public, but Josh worked his magic and we got to spend two hours exploring this unique piece of Cleveland history. TheVan Sweringer Brothers, who built the tower complex, created this suite to rival the mansions on Euclid Avenue.

There was beautiful wood everywhere and must have been magnificent in it's day. Ornate carvings and mouldings that were incredible. It all seems a little sad now, with plaster coming off the walls and the wood painted a dark brown in most places with chips and bits missing. Beautiful lead glass windows, but with modern aluminum and glass on the outside, hiding them from the world.

The great hall was still an amazing space. The tapestry over the marble fireplace looked to be an original and the wood trims and mouldings were made to frame and compliment this piece. Truly a unique experience.