Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old Skool

The trip was supposed to be down the Amazon . . . never sold enough spots for it to go.

So while looking for something totally unrelated yesterday, I found an old sketch book. I had started some of the sketches in '98 and the most recent probably in '06. I was supposed to lead a Zoo travel group to Peru and I was getting my "sketching hand" ready on pictures of animals and Peru. I was in my "pencil and paper stump" phase.

Funny how you get busy with the little things (in this case I think it was building a house and moving . . .), you know minor things, and just set something aside and forget all about it. One of the joys of being old and forgetful, I guess.

So here are a few.

Machu Pichu

Two kids in a boat made from giant leaves. (from a photo)

Study from a photograph.

Gestural Study - Orang

Old Man of the Forest

Aldabra Tortise

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb. SketchCrawl . . .plus

So it is not a good habit to only be posting here once a month after SketchCrawl . . .but here I am a month later doing just that. I have actually been sketching a bit more, but not getting them scanned and posted. Something to work on, I guess.

So the SketchCrawl at Playhouse Square was awesome!!! I had no idea that they ran tours of the theaters on the first Saturday of each month. Josh is doing a great job of getting us around town and I'm learning interesting things every month.

So, very cool going into each theater and hearing a bit of history. I didn't do much sketching, but lots of touring. That's OK though. Tom R. did a great tour and is so knowledgeable. We did get to "appear live on stage" at the Allen Theater; and I sat right in the center on the front edge to sketch this. It was much darker than this, and we only sat there for about twenty minutes . . . which isn't much time for this much detail. Thank God for digital cameras for quick reference photos. I really wanted to finish this one . . . such a cool place.

My "Inaugural" posting of a portrait

So moving back in time to a more historic day; I was driven to do something in my sketchbook to commemorate this historic occasion. That I chose to try a "portrait" is a stretch, as you can see. I liked the pose and the set-up, but it would be nice if it a least resembled Obama. Oh well, we don't have to love everything we try, right? It serves as a memory of the event and that is enough for now.