Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sketch Crawl - Bridge Tour

Two firsts for me on Saturday. I made it to my first sketch crawl since first hearing about them last fall. It was a beautiful day and we had an interesting subject today. There were only six of us total, but we did the Veterans Memorial (once the Detroit Superior) Bridge tour ; my second first . . . if that makes sense. There were a lot of people there for this free tour of the old street car line under the main bridge above. It was a very cool historic look at this architectural/engineering marvel.

Over the center area, there is a section that is all a heavy mesh structure. It is strange looking down at your feet and see the girders and river below. They had a section of the center covered with plywood. Probably a good idea because I'm sure there were folks who were having a problem with the heights. You could see them staying directly in the center of the plywood and giving their family member who dragged them here dirty looks.

Anyway, I loved the tour and the space was way cooler than the sketch I came up with. So many angles and perspectives. It would be a great place for an architectural study if you had the time to set up for it. But it was fun experience anyway. My daughter had come along with her camera to do some black & white shots. Great venue for that. So we had a great time and wound up also touring St. Malachi church across the street and also the Hope Memorial bridge to get some images of the sandstone guardians. Great day!

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