Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cleveland Sketchcrawl @ the Powerhouse in the Flats

So after a LONG hiatus the end of the summer, I got out and sketched on Saturday. Rachel got me some new Mircon pens in a bunch of colors and I had the perfect excuse to use them.

So I go down to the Flats and Josh is there with one other person. Not a big turn-out, but a gorgeous day and off we went.

We sketched on the West side of the river where I found this scene. Lots of busy lines, but I tried to simplify. I'll keep trying.


Lost In Wonder said...

Great composition here. I'm picturing this sketchbook as not being very big, so you packed a big punch on those little pages.

Anonymous said...

welcome back :)

ZooMan55 said...

Thanks for the comment. It is a small book about 5" x 7". It's a nice size to carry for quick sketching.