Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June SketchCrawl . . . finally posted.

So I finished the second sketch first, and the first sketch last . . .and that doesn't make a lot of sense, which is normal for me. This month we were down on Whiskey Island @ Wendy Park for our crawl. It was a perfect weather day with a cool-ish breeze and a bright sunny sky. Well attended with about a dozen sketchers/photographers, and I brought my uncle along, who was in from Colorado Springs. He is an awesome artist and I think he enjoyed this "crawl" concept more than a little.

Having gotten there a bit early, we both started sketching right away (hence my first sketch, which is the catamaran). But I didn't get too far when the group arrived and we all headed up the coast to the old abandoned coast guard station. We stayed there long enough for me to finish that one, and I'm pleased with it as a fair representation. Then I finished the catamaran from photographs over the next few days. Another fun crawl; and thanks to Josh for finding this out of the way little jewel. I'll be back . . .


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KB said...

Very cool! The reflections on the water cast by the sail are perfect. And I really like your trees. I have trouble with trees for some reason.

Thanks for the nice comments on my site and I might take you up on your offer. We used to live in Brooklyn, within walking distance to the zoo, so my kids were practically raised there. It would be fantastic to see something new!